Eat Sugar and Still Lose Weight

Sugar is one of the basic elements of storage and energy inside of your body. It is not an evil substance; as a matter of fact, it is what drives you each and every day. However, the diets of people in the United States and other so called "civilized" countries has been inundated with so much sugar that it has become an overused commodity. When virtually every food on the shelf of the grocery store has extra sugar added, it is definitely time to learn how to eat sugar and still lose weight.


First of all, you must understand how sugar makes you fat!

Sugar is your body's on and off switch for fat storage. Unfortunately, because even the breads and meats that are in the everyday diet of the modern person are filled with extra sugar, everyone is basically eating a high sugar diet even if they have sworn off sweets. One slice of white bread is equal to four tablespoons of sugar these days.


What happens when the body intakes sugar?

When you eat sugar of any kind, the glucose level in your blood rises very quickly. Insulin is released in your body. Insulin is a powerful hormone that tells your body to begin to store fat. The more sugar that you taking at one time, the more that your glucose level rises and the more insulin is released into your bloodstream. This means that you will stay in that fat storage mode for an extended period of time if you taking a great deal of sugar.

In order to take your diet down to so called "normal" levels, you have to give up more than sweets these days. However, you may not be able to give up normal sandwiches or spaghetti or fried rice. However, there are ways that you can slow the rate that sugar comes into your bloodstream, reducing the amount of fat storage insulin that you produce. Not only will this help you to store less overall fat, but you will also have less of an appetite and reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

One of the most important things that you need to do is skip all of the so-called "performance bars" that claim to give you energy for workouts. When a study was done at Ohio State University, all of the performance bars other than the Atkins advantage bar raise the glucose level to a point where fat would be stored in the body at too high of a level.

If you are looking to reduce the amount of sugar, insulin and fat that you store, then you should choose a product like Atkins advantage if you are looking for a snack. Stay away from all of the other energy bars and you will definitely see an improvement in your features and in your diet.


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